The Brady Bunch House, arguably one of the most iconic homes in American television history, continues to captivate audiences and architectural enthusiasts alike. Located in Studio City, California, this house became famous as the exterior façade for the much-loved TV show “The Brady Bunch,” which aired from 1969 to 1974. Despite the show’s filming primarily taking place in a studio, the house used for exterior shots has become a landmark and a cherished symbol of American pop culture. This comprehensive article provides an in-depth look into the Brady Bunch House, exploring its design, history, and enduring legacy.

History of the Brady Bunch House

Background and Construction

Built in 1959, the Brady Bunch House was originally designed by architects Luther Carson and William Babcock. Its split-level design was typical of the era, characterized by clean lines and an open floor plan, which were cutting-edge elements at the time. The house was chosen for “The Brady Bunch” in 1969 due to its quintessentially suburban appearance, which perfectly matched the show’s middle-class, wholesome family theme.

As a Television Icon

The house became an instant visual icon when “The Brady Bunch” premiered. Interestingly, the interior scenes were shot on a soundstage, so the inside of the house viewers came to know through the show did not actually reflect the real home’s interior. However, the exterior shots established their place in television lore, making it a primary point of reference for American family life as portrayed in the late ’60s and early ’70s.

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Architectural Features

Exterior Design

The Brady Bunch House is noted for its split-level structure, which features a slightly recessed garage and a large, open gabled roof. Its façade combines brick and freshly painted wood siding, typical of many suburban homes built during that era. The front yard is modestly landscaped, creating a welcoming, lived-in look contributing to the show’s familial warmth.

Interior Layout

Though the actual interior was not used in the show, it originally featured a spacious living area, an open kitchen, and five bedrooms. After HGTV purchased the home in 2018, it underwent a massive renovation to redesign the interior to match the set from “The Brady Bunch,” a project documented in the series “A Very Brady Renovation.” This retrofit added the iconic staircase, the orange and green kitchen, and the groovy living room that fans remember from the show.

Cultural Impact and Legacy

Nostalgia and Fandom

The Brady Bunch House represents more than just architectural design; it embodies a nostalgic slice of American life. For many, it brings back memories of a simpler time and evokes the wholesome family values portrayed in the show. The house receives thousands of visitors and fans annually, illustrating its significant impact and continued relevance in popular culture.

Preservation and Current Status

Thanks to its purchase by HGTV and the subsequent renovation, the Brady Bunch House has been preserved as a near-perfect replica of the TV show set. Today, it is a piece of architectural history and a living museum of television history, meticulously maintained to continue its legacy for future generations.

brady bunch house

A Tour Inside the Brady Bunch House

The Iconic Living Room

Upon entering, one is greeted by the iconic staircase seen in countless episodes, leading up to the equally famous living room. This space, now recreated to match the set, features the familiar horse statue, the vintage-style furniture, and the patterned wallpaper that America fell in love with.

The Kitchen

With its distinct Brady charm, the kitchen features avocado green appliances and orange countertops that were the height of fashion when the show aired. This room was a central hub for many of the show’s family scenes and has been lovingly restored to reflect its status as a key part of the Brady household.

The Bedrooms

Each bedroom, recreated based on the show’s interior design, reflects the personality of the Brady children. From Greg’s groovy attic room to Marcia’s sunny, girlish space, these rooms testify to the show’s detailed character development and the era’s style.

The Brady Bunch House Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Brady Bunch House open for public tours?

Currently, the Brady Bunch House is not regularly open for public tours. It remains a private property, and visits are only possible during special events or through exclusive arrangements.

Can I rent the Brady Bunch House for events?

Currently, the Brady Bunch House is unavailable for event rentals. It is primarily used for special projects and as a filming location for television productions.

How accurate is the recreated interior to the original TV show set?

The interior recreated by HGTV’s “A Very Brady Renovation” is an almost exact replica of the original TV set. The renovation involved meticulous research and sourcing period-appropriate materials and decorations to match the set’s design as closely as possible. Every detail, from the layout of the rooms to the selection of furnishings and color schemes, was carefully planned to mirror what fans saw on television.

Did any of the original cast participate in the renovation?

Yes, the renovation project, “A Very Brady Renovation,” featured all six of the original Brady Bunch children. They actively participated in the redesign and renovation of the house, each contributing to the rooms that reflected their characters’ personalities and memorable moments from the series.


The Brady Bunch House is a tangible link to television history, embodying the spirit of one of America’s most beloved shows. Its recent renovation and transformation into a precise replica of the show’s set have deepened its cultural significance, making it a cherished landmark for fans worldwide. As it continues to capture the hearts of new generations, the Brady Bunch House remains a symbol of simpler times and wholesome family entertainment, preserved with care to maintain its charm and appeal for years to come.

Through the combined efforts of restoration experts, devoted fans, and the original cast, the Brady Bunch House has been meticulously preserved, ensuring that the magic of the Brady family’s home lives on as a piece of architectural heritage and a key piece of pop culture history. Whether you grew up watching the Brady Bunch or discovered the series later, a peek inside this legendary dwelling offers a nostalgic journey back to a golden era of television.

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